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Frequently Asked Questions
wedding entertainment, corporate events, private engagements
Scottsdale Quartets, Scottsdale Trios

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Do we need a Quartet or a trio?
  o  There is very little difference in volume between a Trio and a Quartet, but they have a different sound.  (more information, click here)
                         Choose the one you like best.

trio quartet quartet studio recording

Do you play corporate events?
  o  Businesses are acutely aware of their image and public perception.  The Scottsdale String Quartet is an elite ensemble sensitive to corporate needs that performs for both small and large corporations.

Are tips expected? 
  o  No, but they are always appreciated by the performers.     

How do the musicians dress?    
  o  Dress code is formal concert attire,  

Should we work directly with the quartet or use an event planner / booking agency? 
We would prefer  to work with you directly even if you have an agent  because: 
   There are less errors without a middle man
   o   Planners & agents charge fees which often add to your cost.
   o   Some planners do not communicate enough while others shower musicians with so many details they don't need, that important information gets lost in the packets.
   o   We have had agents inform clients we are no longer available after we received a contract with a non refundable because some communication or payment was not made to them on their timetable.  Again communicating directly with you makes this type of error a non issue. 
   o   Some agents are wonderful to work with!  Some are not.

What is Phoenix String Quartet Association membership?
  o  The PSQA is a collection of freelance professionals that work together to ensure industry standards for professional conduct and performance.   

What do you require to perform?
  o  The quartet requires only 4 upright chairs without arms and access to AC power.    

Do you play outdoors?  
  o  Yes we do.  performance limitations

How soon do we need to reserve the Quartet?      
  o  It is wise to book the ensemble as soon as you have a firm date. 

Do we need a PA system? 
  o  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Click  sound system for more information.




      String Quartet

   O Mio Babbino
   Salute D Amor
   The Swan

       String Quartet

     Wedding Day

            String Trio

   Red River Valley
   Country Club Rag