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Scottsdale String Quartet
Accompaniments for Soloists

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Please call to discuss your needs.  Sheet music needs to be provided at least two weeks prior to the performance, in the key you wish to perform. 

     It is often difficult for a soloist to hear a string quartet, particularly in an outdoor setting.  Therefore, we strongly recommend you consider a rehearsal prior to the performance.   

On site rehearsals with soloists are scheduled for 30 minutes, one hour before the ensemble is scheduled to perform.  It is best for the soloist if we rehearse on site rather than in studio.  Not only is it less expensive, it gives them the opportunity to get a feel for the performance location as well.  Payment for the rehearsal needs to be made two weeks prior to the performance, or at the Rehearsal if off site. 

rehearsal options

Prior to ceremony:
on site   30 min.
Quartet:   $300.00
  Trio:         $225.00
In our studio: Quartet:   $500.00
    up to 1 hr. Trio:         $375.00

Custom arrangements:
If the parts can easily be pulled from the piano part we would be happy read from your part.  We do not transpose on gigs, too risky!  We can usually have a custom arrangement made if needed, however you may be able to have an arrangement made for less as we farm arranging out.  Charge for each custom arrangement is $200.00 .  
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